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C Beauty Studio

Freelance Project

Client: C Beauty Studio

C Beauty Studio’s visual identity was designed to be elegant, vibrant and welcoming – to inspire confidence and celebrate individuality. It needed to resonate with existing clients while attracting new ones. The brand values focus on self-care, retreat and the ritual of preparing for a special occasion.


This project involved the complete identity rebrand of a well-established beauty salon in Blackrock. Under new management, C Beauty Studio relocated a short distance up the street to a beautiful, three-storey Tudor-style Georgian building.


From start to finish this project was an entirely collaborative process. The interior design proposal and new brand identity needed to reference the history of the building, but ultimately be modern in its aesthetic, communication design and atmosphere.

My Role:

Logo & Identity Design, Art Direction, Point-Of-Sale, Interior & Exterior Signage, Print Management & Copywriting


Jennings Studio:

Project Management by Brian Jennings

Interior Design by Ciaran Farrell

Logo Design

The logo features hand-drawn typeface Kristi paired with sans-serif typeface Lato. The landscape version of the logo was designed to be used on the shop front fascia.

Logomark & Pattern

The C Beauty Studio logomark features the letter 'C' in white on a blue-green background. The choice of colour, the pattern and the subject matter of  photography used throughout the brand have been influenced by Classical sculpture, Athenian vase painting, cameo necklaces and Georgian-era patterns.


Tying in the old with the new, the visual language is a progressive, inclusive and contemporary take on classical themes and ideologies. The tagline reinforces this idea of timelessness – ‘beauty across the generations.’ There is a particular focus on deities and royalty. For example, the treatment rooms are named after historic Irish goddesses Ériu and Danú.


Art Direction

I provided direction for the use of imagery, typography and visual language on C Beauty Studio's new website design.


You can view the website here.