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Microsoft Food Hall
Dublin HQ

Exhibit Design Ltd, 2017

Client: KSG Foods

The food hall in Microsoft's new Dublin HQ features some of KSG's top quality food offers such as Cortado's quality coffee, Pulse, Street Kitchen and Chef's Table. Some of the food brands were created specifically for the Microsoft food hall such as Knead, an in-house bakery, Grab + Go, featuring ready-made sandwiches and salads for people on the go, Forage & Gather, offering delicious breakfast options and the Italian Quarter, creating authentic Italian cuisine.


The interior design, architecture and layout was created by Gensler. The space was designed to have a contemporary industrial feel with exposed ceilings and unrefined material finishes such as concrete and repurposed wood. The signage needed to be contemporary, eye-catching and work well with the interior finishes. 


It was equal parts challenging and exciting to conceptualise the signage and wayfinding. I had previously created, developed and implemented some of these brand designs for KSG in other work spaces and retail units. KSG wanted someone who was familiar with their food brands to develop signage that would work well in Microsoft's food hall.

My Role:

Signage Concept Design & Copywriting


Exhibit Design

Project Management by Martin O'Brien

Interior Design by Gensler

​Interior Build by Tricon

Production & Installation of signage by 3:Rock


Forage & Gather

Salad & Breakfast Options

Raised LED lettering, suspended from the ceiling is a stylish, modern and attention-grabbing design solution that works well for the Forage & Gather counter, the adjoining Grab + Go fridge and on the fascia above the Chef's Table counter. The typeface is Gotham Bold, a geometric sans serif which is great for display. For Forage & Gather there is particular emphasis on the ampersand. It features LED tube lighting recessed in an aluminium frame.



In-house Bakery

Simple, black lettering, suspended from the bulkhead works really well for the bright, white space of Knead, the in-house bakery. The tiled wall features a striking communication piece - raised wooden letters featuring abstract, poetic copy. The typeface used for both the logo and the typographic piece is Georgia, an elegant serif font.



Fresh Roasted Coffee

I had previously designed the logo and brand identity for Cortado. The logo uses Prestige Elite Std. Bold, a monospaced typeface designed in the 1950s. The signage consists of a black powder coated mesh panel suspended over the coffee counter featuring face-lit LED lettering. The menu is presented on a free-standing, branded blackboard.