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Client: Cormac Byrne, Ciara Tomkins &


Geraldine Byrne

Cormac Byrne, owner of BlueZone Fitness collaborated with fellow personal trainer Ciara Tomkins and talented chef Geraldine Byrne to create UpBeet, a Wexford-based company specialising in health foods and snacks. At the moment their product range includes Flow Balls, Bars, Toppings, Overnight Oats & Smoothies. They plan to expand the range further in future. 


Current trends in the health food industry include high protein foods, emphasis on fibre intake, intuitive eating & vegan products. To set themselves apart from competitors, UpBeet's products are designed with a primary focus on nutrition. Cormac has a diploma in nutrition from Loughborough University, UK. The UpBeet team are dedicated to sourcing as many ingredients from the Wexford area as possible. Geraldine has perfected the recipes so that snacks are not only healthy but also incredibly delicious.

Customers can subscribe to have UpBeet products delivered 3-5 days a week by ordering through the specialised app. You can find their products stocked in local shops, markets and cafés, including Pettitt's SuperValu, P&H Doyle's Londis & Osbourne's Carnew.


UpBeet's aim was to create a lively, cheerful and optimistic brand identity. As part of the research I focused on vibrant colours, playful typefaces, hand drawn logos and illustration, character design and identities with a lot of personality.

The UpBeet logo has been designed to be playful, fresh & modern. The logo icon can be interpreted in a couple of different ways - as a cheeky smile, as a bowl of healthy granola or as an emblem of vitality and life. The curved arrow also references sustainability. It is primarily inspired and influenced by fruit stickers, Japanese character design and contemporary snack packaging. 


Just like the logo, the tagline is simple, direct and reassuring: 'Designed by Nutritionists, Created by Chefs.' It is highlighted with asterisks symbols, tying it in with the logo. On packaging and labels the tagline is independent of the logo to ensure the artwork does not look too crowded. Sustainability is super important to the team. All of the packaging is produced by down2earth materials, Ireland's leading specialists in compostable packaging.

My Role:

Art Direction, Logo & Identity Design & Packaging

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