Med In Ireland

Enterprise Ireland

RDS, Dublin

Exhibit Design and WDisplay

Client: Enterprise Ireland

Kellie Sargent, Project Management & 3D Design

Rosanne Lancaster, Project Management & Design

Yvonne Keogh, Design & Artwork Production

Elisabet Sierra, Design & Artwork Production

Med in Ireland is Enterprise Ireland’s high-profile medical technologies event that takes place every two years in Dublin. Top Irish medical technology companies and research professionals come together at the event to showcase their products, network with international buyers and develop strategic relationships. Ireland’s MedTech sector includes medical devices, precision engineered components, diagnostics, connected health, healthcare providers and clinicians.


Med in Ireland 2017, which took place in the RDS Dublin, featured over ninety Irish MedTech companies and twenty research organisations. Enterprise Ireland used the event as an opportunity to showcase the new Irish Advantage brand. The Irish Advantage aims to partner Irish companies with global customers, by promoting the adaptability, flexibility and innovation of the Irish workforce.


I co-managed this project with Kellie Sargent, an experienced 3D designer in Exhibit. We worked closely with WDisplay’s production team to bring the Irish Advantage brand to life within the event space. Kellie created the design layout of the exhibitor space, the meeting areas and the presentation halls. I oversaw the art direction of the Irish Advantage brand and managed production of the interior and exterior wayfinding, signage, large-scale banners, venue maps, counter graphics and exhibitor name cards. Each of the ninety exhibitors and twenty researchers had an exhibitor booth to showcase their products, services and research. Acting as the primary point-of-contact for all of the exhibitors, I also managed the production of their individual exhibitor booth graphics.

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