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Exhibit Design

Exhibit Design Ltd, 2017

Client: Exhibit Design

In December 2016 Exhibit Design moved from their studio in Sandyford to a brand new space in Fumbally Court, Dublin 8. New studio, new Exhibit! As part of the move, the entire team agreed that the existing Exhibit brand and website needed a new look and feel.


Exhibit's managers Martin and Brendan wanted minimal changes to the existing logo. They wanted to update the logo with a new tagline and also asked that we develop a logo mark that could be used for social media and stationery. The brand roll-out would include letterheads, email banners, business cards, signage, social media and the website.

Exhibit's existing website was very outdated and needed an extensive overhaul. It was static with no responsive or mobile capabilities. The user scrolled through the site horizontally, the imagery was small and low quality. The website redesign needed to showcase Exhibit's vibrant project work and really engage with existing and future clients.​


Myself and fellow graphic designer, Yvonne Keogh, worked on refreshing the Exhibit brand. We took the existing brand characteristics that were working and introduced some new graphic elements. We developed brand guidelines to define how the updated logo and brand would be used across all media.

I designed and built a comprehensive new website featuring Exhibit's recent projects and case studies, in a contemporary and responsive format.

My Role:

UX Design: Flow Diagram, Sketching, Wireframes

UI Design: Pattern Library, Copywriting & Custom Icon Set

Build: Responsive Website Design

Brand Identity, Signage, Stationery, Digital Design


Exhibit Design:

Project Management by Martin O'Brien & Brendan O'Sullivan

Brand Identity, Signage & Stationery by Yvonne Keogh

Copywriting & Customer Research by Ina Foley

UX Design

Flow Diagram1-01.png

Flow Diagram

User Flow

It was important to direct users to the most recent projects and the five case studies that had been chosen to best reflect what Exhibit do. The easiest way to highlight these projects was to showcase them on the home screen. 


Screen Layout

Each of the primary pages of the website has distinctive content. The main content of the home screen and project category pages is imagery. These images are links, allowing the user to visit the relevant project page. It was really important to work out a dynamic gallery layout that featured imagery alongside text, and where certain projects were emphasized.

UI Design

Colour Palette







Interactive Map


Social Media Icons

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr Social Icon
  • Instagram

Digital Controls

Menu Icon

Slide Arrows

Back To Top Link

Slide Arrows



Helvetica Bold Cdn 56px


Helvetica Bold Cdn 40px


Helvetica Bold Cn 36px


Helvetica Bold Cn 20px


Helvetica Regular 14px

Subheader 1

Helvetica Regular 24px

Subheader 2

Helvetica Regular 18px

Subheader 3

Helvetica Regular 15px


Helvetica Oblique 17px

Standard Copy

Helvetica Regular 17px

Small Copy

Helvetica Regular 13px

Primary Links




Link Selected / Hover

Links Enabled

Secondary Links


Tertiary Links

< Previous Project    Next Project >

Links Enabled

< Previous Project    Next Project >

Link Disabled

< Previous Project    Next Project >

Link On Hover

Breadcrumb Indicators

Our Portfolio  >  Exhibitions & Events  >  Project Name

Links Enabled

Active Section

Pattern Library

As part of the identity redesign, we retained the green of the existing brand, but made it more vibrant and added complimentary shades of blue and grey to the brand colour palette. The user interface design includes guidelines for colour, typography weights and sizes, buttons, form input fields, navigation links and digital controls.


I worked with senior communications consultant, Ina Foley, to develop copy for the website. Ina spent time speaking to and researching some of Exhibit's well-known and return clients. As a result, we were able to include some great client testimonials on the website. Based on Ina's research I created short introductions for each section of the portfolio, call-to-actions and rationales for each project.

Final Result

Finished Desktop & Mobile Site

Showcasing Exhibit's work was the primary aim of the website. Therefore, imagery is the key component. The top of each primary page features a hero image and call-to-action. Myself and Yvonne carefully selected the best quality photography for each project in Exhibit's archive. The project pages use a large slideshow gallery to display each image at the top of the page. Underneath is a brief overview and a list of services rendered. 

Identity Design