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Fly Away Home Productions

Freelance Project

Client: Fly Away Home Productions

In 2020 Fly Away Home Productions was created by writer and comedian Jo Heffernan. Jo has a BA in Film and Television Production and an MA in Creative Production and Screen Finance. Fly Away Home Productions specialise in production services, project management, creative development and script reading for Irish creators and film makers. Their ideal projects include documentaries, light-hearted factual pieces and comedy short projects.

Recent projects include production and post production on two short films: Poulaphouca and A Good Deed.


The name comes from the old nursery rhyme: "Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home! Your house is on fire, your children all gone." Having spent time living abroad in New Zealand, Jo developed a new appreciation for what "home" means to her. As such, Fly Away Home Productions is particularly interested in stories about home, where we come from and the homes we make for ourselves.


The logo concept features a simple representation of a dandelion with seeds blowing away on the breeze. It aims to capture, in a more abstract way, the idea of nursery rhymes, stories, dreams, wishes and home.


Because Fly Away Home is a production company, emphasis is on the work they create. Therefore the colour palette needed to be really simple and limited.

My Role:

Project Management, Logo & Identity Design, Digital, Print & Motion

Logo Design

The logo combines two different typefaces. ‘Fly Away Home’ uses Berlin Sans FB Regular, a playful and imaginative font from the early twentieth century. It is all in lowercase to create the sense that you're halfway through a sentence, you're already part of the story. 'Fly' is placed on it's own above 'away home,' refencing the initial/drop caps that were placed at the start of chapters in old manuscripts. ‘Productions’ uses Noto Sans regular, a harmonious and humanist font.


The Fly Away Home logomark features the dandelion icon. The primary colours are charcoal black and chartreuse. A lot of production companies stick with black and white. Using chartreuse is unexpected and makes the identity more eye-catching, bold and rebellious. There are no additional or secondary colours in the identity. 

Logo On Screen

The logo works well on either a black or white background and imagery. In some instances the monochromatic version of the logo is required, for example a white logo on a black background or black logo on a white background. I also created a simple animated version of the logo for use on video.