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Frameworks Café

Exhibit Design Ltd.

Client: Cycle Superstore

Frameworks Café brings two great things together - cycling and excellent coffee (oh, and some very tasty food!) The name of the café originates from the name of the building itself — 'Frameworks,' which just so happens to work really well for a cycling-themed café.


Cycle Superstore are Ireland's largest bike retailer, specialising in MTB, Road racing, Triathlon, Commuting and the Cycle 2 Work scheme. They saw an opportunity to enhance the customer experience by integrating a café in their Tallaght premises.


Exhibit Design were tasked with creating the interior layout, material finishes and identity design for Frameworks Café.

I was responsible for the logo design, brand guidelines, packaging and signage. The logo design is influenced by the simple geometry of bicycle parts. I focused on the basic shapes of the bicycle frame, handlebars, gears and wheels — and then began playing with those shapes.

My Role:

Logo & Identity Design, Interior & Exterior Signage & Packaging


Exhibit Design:

Project Management & Interior Design by Richard Barnwall 

Interior Design by Ciarán Farrell

Interior build by Glocon Building Professionals

Logo Design

Once I had identified the basic shapes of a bicycle, I began experimenting with the word 'Frameworks' in different geometric typefaces. Because the letters 'M' and 'W' resemble a bicycle frame, I focused on creating a relationship between these letters. The Montserrat Light typeface worked best for what I was trying to achieve. The final outcome was two versions of the logo — portrait and landscape.

Packaging & Promotion

The brand features a bright colour palette. Yellow and black are the primary brand colours. They are complimented by accents of deep blue, light blue, turquoise and warm grey in the material finishes of the interior design. As part of the brand roll-out I created simple design solutions for packaging and promotion. The logo and visual language was applied to coffee cups, aprons, mugs, loyalty cards and screen-printed onto carrier bags.



The café signage includes an exterior sign with the logo in 3D lettering, a welcome sign above the interior door and a branded menu board. The logo is also applied directly to the pale wood finish of the two modular units in the space. Framework Café even features a bespoke, branded bicycle cart!