Food Court

Cork Airport Proposal

Exhibit Design

Client: KSG

Martin O'Brien, Project Management

Rosanne Lancaster, Art Direction & Brand Identity

Yvonne Keogh, Brand Identity

Francesca Sciarmella, Interior & 3D Design

The Horizon brand and interior concept was created for KSG as part of a proposal for the Cork Airport food court. KSG wanted a contemporary and visually striking identity that would attract customers while being simple enough for individual food brands to sit underneath it.

While designing the logo I focused on the concept of journeys and new destinations. When you travel by plane you always get a great sense of the horizon so collectively we agreed that it worked quite well as a name.

I created a distinctive logo with graphic elements that reflect some of the physical properties of air travel apparatus and technology. The use of colour and pattern subtly reference the overarching Cork Airport brand.

Working with Exhibit's interior design team we developed visual elements of the brand for a three-dimensional space. Using clean lines and minimalistic forms we sought to correspond with the existing modern architecture of the building. The material finishes were carefully chosen with sustainability in mind.

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