Walk & Discover Your World

Final Studio Project

BA (Hons) Visual Communication Design

IADT Dun Laoghaire


App Concept Design, UX, UI, Identity Design, Brand Campaign, Print, Merchandise.

Milestone is a concept for an iphone application designed to enhance the experience of hiking and exploring. Milestone provides the user with up-to-date information, while en-route using GPS mapping and location-specific information. It features safe, accessible walking routes specifically tailored to the users’ ability. Within a particular location the app provides a variety of walks: urban, coastal, open countryside, hill walking and forestry. It highlights local flora, fauna and areas / objects of historical relevance.


As part of the project I developed the UX and UI of the application, the identity design and the brand campaign, which included short promo videos, posters and branded merchandise. The logo was based on graphic elements associated with orienteering such as the compass, map symbols and wayfinding iconography. It was primarily aimed at and marketed towards tourists, local hiking enthusiasts and casual walkers.

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