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The Pettitt family has a long history of retailing in Wexford, with the first grocery, wine and spirits business established in 1825. Pettitt’s Supermarkets have a strong reputation for being customer and community focused. A huge amount of time and effort is put toward working with local suppliers to offer customers high quality local produce at great value.

Pettitt’s wanted to revitalize the branding, point-of-sale and interior design for their bakery offer by implementing a simple, modern and consistent look and feel.

For the bakery Exhibit created a modern and inviting interior layout with distinctive brand elements featured alongside warm, natural wood finishes. These graphic elements consisted of simple geometric patterns, hand drawn icons and typographic brand activation, primarily in black and white. The bakery brand we created was implemented through signage, ticketing, point-of-sale, packaging and labels. The vibrant colours of the bakery packaging brought the Pettitt's Bakery display to life and created a strong visual contrast to the muted colours of the interior finishes. 

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