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Shape The Future
Bloom Festival 2016

Exhibit Design Ltd.

Client: Origin Green, Bord Bia

The Bloom festival was first launched in 2006 to promote horticulture and to showcase amateur garden design. Since then, the event has grown to include a variety of stalls, workshops and entertainment. The Bord Bia food village features quality assured Irish food and beverages as well as demos by top Irish chefs. There is an extensive floral and plant nursery, workshops on Irish fruit and vegetable production, craft stands, a playground and a farmyard created in conjunction with Agri Aware.


To celebrate the 10th year of Bloom, Bord Bia wanted to create an interactive exhibition space to promote and showcase the Origin Green sustainability programme. Origin Green is an initiative created by Bord Bia that has helped thousands of farmers, fisherman and food producers to make real changes in sustainable production.

Driving Motivation?

By 2050 the world's population will have grown by 2.5 billion and it will face the challenge of feeding its people with much greater pressure on land, water and resources. Origin Green is the first programme of its kind in the world.​​


As a team we needed to develop a dynamic space and an energetic visual language to demonstrate who Origin Green are and what they do. It provided an opportunity for visitors to learn about sustainability and the future of food production through a series of interactive installations and activities.

My Role:

Interaction Design, Artwork & Print Production



Exhibit Design:

Project Management by Richard Barnwall

Exhibition & 3D Design by Elisabet Sierra & Francesca Sciarmella

Graphic Design by Yvonne Keogh

Artwork Production & Installation by WDisplay

Event Space

Exhibit's designers were responsible for creating the structures, exhibition units and branding for the Bord Bia Food Village and the Origin Green, Shape The Future exhibition. The exhibition marquee was designed so that it could be opened or closed depending on the weather. Outside of the marquee, there were two animal enclosures for sheep and cows. Live demonstrations of sheep-shearing and milking dairy cows formed part of the exhibition's activities.

Interaction Design

Tactile surfaces, interactive structures, games and digital media were integrated across the exhibition space. Every aspect of the space was designed with a broad-ranging audience in mind. I helped conceptualise the various interactive elements of the exhibition. They included a functional water feature, a screen wall, VR headsets, photo cut-out boards, a rotating display unit, and a kids tunnel which doubled as an iPad display.