Three Mobile

Longitude & Electric Picnic 2017

Exhibit Design and Boys + Girls

Client: Three Mobile

Brendan O'Sullivan, Project Management

Elisabet Sierra, Project Management & 3D Design

Rosanne Lancaster, Design & Artwork Production

Yvonne Keogh, Design & Artwork Production

In 2017 Three introduced a new advertising campaign called Make It Count. Developed by creative agency: Boys & Girls, Make It Count demonstrated how people make the network count, how they transform data into something that really matters like everyday moments, memories and experiences. The #3Live experience at Longitude and Electric Picnic was designed with this in mind.

The aim was to create a memorable experience, drawing on the theme of nostalgia and sentimentality. Key aspects of the space included the mirrored disco dancefloor, the modular DJ booth and a classic games arcade. The upper deck of the two-storey structure featured a lounge area with deck chairs and bean bags. Exclusive 3Charging banks could be purchased from the 3Charging booths.

Celebrating all things retro, festival-goers got to experience festival make-overs, roller disco performances, lip-sync showdowns and exclusive DJ sets.

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